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04.09. we are visiting our cool neighbour ZKU to share some electronic music and good songs:-) get ready neighbours! more details coming.....

get high fiona in werkstatt der kulturen

Am 1. April 2016 bei ‪#‎WorldWideMusic‬: GET HIGH FIONA! Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln
Freitag 01.04.2016 | Einlass: 21:00 h | Club
Eintritt: 15,- / 10,- (erm.) / 5,- € (mit Berlinpass) join us on our balkan jazz journey


15.03.2016 your electronica songwriting balkan expirience is moving to wedding! we play bei ernst ab 21:00 sprengelstr. 15, 13353 berlin free entrance ! looking foward! your gethighfiona


26.02.2016 21.00 neue nachbarschaft moabit kultur maraton freitag presents gethighfiona in concert! come! free entry!join us! www.neuenachbarschaft.de





unfortunately we do the wednesday crossover jam in little stage no more! it was lot of fun, and we injoyed it a lot ! thanx to all musicians who were here and played with us, and to all guests who came to listen!


28.08.2015 21.00 - cafe valladares- musique maudite festival musique mauidte


every wednesday!! ab dem 01.07.2015- 21:00 - LittleStageBar - jonasstrasse 1 -neuköln - jeden mittwoch 21.00 - getHIGHfiona's Mittwoch CROSSOVER JAM - Electronic Beats + Live Performance


Opener und euer Host : getHIGHfiona





24.05.2015 - 22:00 - Eric's Vaughn NAKED JAZZ Bath presents getHIGHfiona supported by Eric Vaughn on drums! see you there Folks





23.05.2015 Bazaar Bühne 14 Uhr Karneval der Kulturen! YESSSSSS





18.03. 2015 ---- Little Stage Neuköln-10pm





11.03. 2015 ---- Little Stage Neuköln-10pm


20.12.2014 Fabriktheater Lehrterstr.35--9pm--see you!with our special guests



27.09.2014 at Kalasch&---9pm hope you to be there too

  getHIGH2014 getHIGH2014  



20.09.2014----Bienenwerder Farmfestival. thanx for inviting us!!

  getHIGHfionaHANDS   getHIGH2014  



05.07.2014----9pm----our loving livingroom! thanx

  fabriktheaterGETHIGHFIONA   getHIGH2014  


18.09.-22.09.2013 b.agl art affairs berlin postbahnhof

  we are very excited and happy to play here! 19.09.starting 21:00
  Get HIGH fiona @ B.AGL ART afFAIRS    




  17.08.2014 Musique Maudite Festival Moabit    
  get high fiona at musique maudite getHIGH2014